My dreams are going to the Ivy League are all but over

Although I thought I did very well in my interviews at both Yale and Brown I’ve just received news that both of these members of my Ivy League School List have rejected my application to attend there.

As you can imagine I’m very disappointed about this news. My only hope is that I am able to get a place at Harvard. Obviously, this is much less likely to happen as out of the list of Ivy League colleges, and the Harvard ranking is by far the strongest. So it seems that my dreams of studying at an Ivy League college up in New England are over.


Fortunately, I did not only applied to select universities, and also applied to many other colleges instead, including a couple of the public Ivy’s. I have already by the University of California Los Angeles, and the University of Michigan open and in Ann Arbor. I will not make a final decision as to which university I am going to go to until I hear back from Harvard. If I don’t get into Harvard, which to be honest is the most likely scenario, then I am probably going to go and study at Los Angeles and be close to the sea.

I can hardly describe how disappointed I feel

My parents didn’t seem as bothered about it as I thought they were going to be. My mother especially, has been pushing me to study has had as I can so that I will get into Harvard. But she seems quite relaxed about it for some reason, that she knew that it was a long shot all along and she was just supported me the best she could do in their own way. To be honest, I think that is my father uses more disappointed about it that my mother. As you know, my father did not attend university, and it is my mother who was always been thought of as a clever one of the family, as she attended the University of Texas at Austin, and came top of the class in agricultural science.

It is interesting that although my mother is the one we went to college that it is my father who has been most influential in my choice of study. Ever since I was young, my father used to take me to the local aerodrome to watch planes take off. And it is from these outings that I develop my love of flight and engines, and hence my choice to study engineering at college.

Studying engineering in California

Although being rejected by the Ivy schools is quite devastating I am very excited about the engineering course that I am going to attend at the University of California. Apart from the subject itself, I’m also looking forward to going to the beaches and watching the girls in the bikinis, something that I will not see very often up in Cambridge. Another advantage of being in Los Angeles, is that I expect the parties to be a lot better than in New England.

I’ve just realized, that I pretty much decided that I’m now going to go to the Los Angeles branch of the University of California for my engineering studies. Unless of course, Harvard comes calling, as there is no way on earth that I would pass by that opportunity.

Another advantage of going to UCLA is that the tuition fees will be a lot cheaper. Even though the Ivy League schools tend to offer full scholarships to most people, because my parents have quite a bit of money I will have to be self-funded. Not only this, but I also have quite a few members of family scattered in the Southern California area. Indeed, the more that I think about it, the more that attending college in California makes sense. I think I’m beginning to get over my disappointment at missing out on an Ivy League education, let’s be honest, I’m going to get a fantastic education at UCLA, aren’t I?

A very interesting infographic

I saw a very interesting infographic today. It describes that going to an Ivy League school is not really that important. This is quite surprising to me, because you hear so much about the old school tie, and the advantages of ‘it is not what you know, but who you know’. It seems, that if you are good enough to be accepted by an Ivy League college, then you are going to be successful, whichever college you decide on. I have to admit, that I’m now feeling a little bit better about being rejected by the older colleges up in New England. In fact, I’m looking forward to going to one of the public Ivies, UCLA, as I am going to save a lot of money, yet, still get an education at the same level; even if I do not get the same networking opportunities as I would if I was going to, for example, Harvard, Brown or Dartmouth College.

So without further ado, here is the info graphic that shows that there is little advantage going to an Ivy League school as long as you’re clever enough to be accepted in the first place.

Ivy School Myths

Infographic via


Of course, there was one little drawback to my theory: I did not get accepted into the Ivy League schools in the first place. Never mind, I’m sure that I’m going to do pretty well once I turned up and get my head down to studying in California (as long as I did not spend too much time on the beach or partying).